National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) - APEDA

This is a program that is run by APEDA directly. The India Organic certification mark certifies that an organic food product conforms to NPOP standards. The scope of the NPOP is comprehensive. It includes policies for the development and certification of organic products and national standards for those products and processes.
The NPOP was originally meant for exports, now used extensively for the Domestic market control of produce requires adherence to stringent standards. There are 24 accredited certifying agencies that verify farms, storage, and processing units. Products certified organic by them carry the India Organic logo.

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FRAC -Residue Testing & Analysis Report
FICCI Research and Analysis Centre provides one-stop solutions to assist different organizations like EarthyTales involved in Food Manufacturing, Processing and Distribution, Storage Facilities and Logistics chains to maintain the food standard quantity which is being maintained across the produce. We undertake extensive tests of the complete product with FRAC facility to determine the residue and pesticide levels in the produce. It helps us maintain product sanctity and make us truly confident about the products we are taking to the consumers. FRAC is actively engaged in testing and analysis of products and providing test certificates to customers like EarthyTales.
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