Earthy Tales Circle

The Earthy Tales CIRCLE is an effort to build a healthier, sustainable planet TOGETHER ✌

When you buy from Earthy Tales, you not only build a healthy family but contribute to a sustainable environment. This partnership between you and us has enabled us to envision a healthier tomorrow. You are invited to join Earthy Tales Circle. a curated membership where you get amazing deals, exclusive health benefits, lifestyle and more. All this, while YOU partner with us in building a sustainable tomorrow.

Earthy Tales Circle Benefits

Upto 10% savings
Get upto 10% off on 300+ products at Earthy Tales for your commitment to organic, environment and community. Look out for Circle Price on the products. For a monthly grocery purchase of ₹ 10,000, you could save as much as ₹ 1,000 on 100% organic produce.
Exclusive offers
Circle members get first access to offers or deals, new launches and free gifts from time to time.
No Delivery Charge, ever
Get absolutely Free deliveries at all times with no minimum cart value, ever, under the membership. Eat chemical-free and fresh every day.
No Minimum
Cart Value
So that you eat absurdly fresh everyday. Buy anytime for any cart value without any delivery fee.
Community Support
Get special benefits and discounts on your journey to Organic Living. Access to blogs and community for all the support you need in this journey. We plant trees on your behalf when you refer. And together we build a waste-free chemical-free nature.
Holistic Well Being

50% OFF on first consultation with AAS Ayurveda , a renowned Ayurveda specialist in Delhi NCR.

Click Here to book a Healthy-Habits Coaching Session at 50% with Jasneet Kaur, our Earthy Tales community member and a Nutrition and Habit Change Coach, founder of Habits Over Diets

Priority Slots Coming Soon
We know sometimes you prefer a particular delivery slot in the day. We are soon opening up priority slots for Circle members to help you plan your day better.

How it works

Join the Circle

Subscribe to Earthy Tales Circle membership. Try for Free for TWO months.

Enjoy Benefits

Pick your favorites from a 100% chemical-free range of 300+ products and get special Circle Price, free deliveries, no minimum cart value and more.

Build a Healthy Life

Savour real taste and lead a healthy life with total convenience.

Why The Earthy Tales Circle?

Organic isn’t easy, but it’s sure worth it. So we bring to you Earthy Tales Circle. It is a promise to build goodness ground up.

As we build a waste-free future, we need you to partner us in this journey so we can bring the happiest organic food to your table. Subscribing to Earthy Tales Circle will go a long way in building this waste-free future and we will pass on all the benefits and more to you in return.

You subscribe to Earthy Tales Circle (Free for two months).

Farmers get guarantee on their produce being consumed.

Waste is eliminated. Every subscription helps.

We save 8% to 10% in the process by timing the requirements and eliminating waste.

We pass on the savings to you and more for your commitment.

You get up to 10% off on every purchase you make. And more.

Frequently asked questions

How does Earthy Tales Circle work?

At Earthy Tales, we love being upfront about what we are, what we are not and how we work. Earthy Tales Circle is not just a loyalty program. It’s a promise to give back more for your trust in us. Everytime you make an eligible purchase on, you get upto 10% savings right on purchase without any caveat. We believe in transparency and honesty. To enrol into the Circle program, do the following:

  • Subscribe to Earthy Tales Circle by clicking on Join Now above, totally free of cost for two months. Or visit
  • Try the monthly plan for FREE for TWO months with all the benefits.
  • Renew it for the third month or cancel the subscription anytime during a two-month free trial.

You can also select Earthy Tales Subscription at Check-Out to add the plan in your cart. Start shopping.

What are Earthy Tales Circle benefits?

Apart from a healthy family, here are some more benefits for you:

  • Guaranteed up to 10% savings on every purchase. For instance, you can save upto INR 1,000 on a monthly grocery of INR 10,000.
  • Zero delivery charge: Free delivery can be used across all Earthy Tales orders - regular, express and preferred (coming soon).
  • No minimum order for any purchase on the website.
  • Get preferred delivery slots (coming soon).
  • Get first access to new launches and deals.
  • Get healthy organic product gifts for your family.
  • Get 50% discount on first consultation with a renowned Ayurveda specialist, Dr. Bhupesh Vashisht.
  • Additional benefits.

Benefits for the farmer:

  • Farmers get guaranteed returns for the hard work they put in growing chemical-free food.
  • Empowered farmers who will get more like themselves to join you and us on this chemical-free revolution.

When you sign-up for the Earthy Tales Circle, it enables us to reduce waste and empower the farmers without them having to worry about their hard work not reaping benefits. A lot of effort is put into growing the best quality chemical-free produce for you.

How much savings can be earned and availed in single time?

There is absolutely no cap on savings. Just look out for Circle Price. It is a flat saving or lower pricing for Circle members. We believe in transparency and passing on benefits to the community. Everytime you purchase you get the better pricing without having to worry about cashbacks or such other offers. Buy now, get benefits now.

Is there a limit on the number of orders I can place?

There is no limit whatsoever on the number of orders you can place for any plan under Circle.

What are cancellation policies?

You can cancel the membership anytime during the FREE two-month trial. Post the trial period, you can cancel the membership within the first 7 days. The membership fee will be credited to your ET Wallet. If any benefits are availed during such period, it will be reverted on cancellation. Membership cannot be cancelled after the first 7 days of renewal. Your membership will be auto-cancelled if payment is not completed in 7 days.

Is there a number of Free Delivery I can avail?

You can avail as many deliveries at Zero charge under Circle loyalty program. There is no cap on the number of deliveries. Food is best consumed fresh. Order everyday if you want and we will not charge you any delivery fee.

Is there a minimum order value?

No. There is no such requirement. Though bigger your purchase, bigger the savings for you.

When will the savings be applied?

Instantly. There is no waiting period or Cashback. You get the best price with Circle membership. Look out for Circle Price and save instantly.

Is there expiry for the program?

No. ET Circle comes with no expiry. Though it has to be renewed every month.

In light of the recent developments, we have again started with COD deliveries! Order now!
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