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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Earthy Tales?

You can place order on In case of any Ordering help, please reach out to us on 9311825942 or write to For escalations, please contact our co-founder Deepak Sabharwal on

Yes there is a cut-off to place your order. This is 10 PM for next day Delivery. Since, we deliver freshly harvested vegetables, hence the Order cut off has been kept an evening before. You order, our organic farmers harvest an evening before the delivery day and we make it reach your homes the next day. EXPRESS DELIVERY (for Dry Items) - Order up till 9 am for SAME day delivery

Delivery days - all 7 week days. Sunday's you can find us at Gurgaon organic farmer's market at Club Patio. Delivery Locations - Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida. Delivery Timings - 2 pm to 8 pm FREE Home Delivery - Gurgaon, certain areas of Delhi. Order cut off - 10 pm a day before delivery / EXPRESS DELIVERY (only for dry groceries) - 9 AM for SAME day delivery

On our website, use our automated "Report an Issue" module and we commit to resolve your issue within 24 to 48 of raising. Alternatively, please write to our customer support on or reach out to our co-founder Deepak Sabharwal on

All of them may not look very healthy and beautiful. Since they are chemical-free, without any use of synthetic dyes and not waxed, they tend to become a little soft due to excessive heat. This a sign that they are pure and they will taste the best. Our organically grown vegetables are harvested just a day before the deliveries. You may sometime find some worms also in the vegetables such as cauliflower etc. While we take complete care to sort your vegetables before dispatch. This is an assurance that the product is chemical-free. The worm will only grow & eat the natural product because chemically treated produce will kill the worms. Keep the vegetable in saline water for 15 minutes and it’ll be ready to cook. So, next time you spot Mr. Worm, know that it is your natural certification.

You can easily pay ONLINE (Cards, Net Banking, Wallets ( PayTM, PhonePe others) and also use the Earthy Tales Wallet we have created for you. The Timely payment also ensures that the farmers are paid on time. Wallet usage gives us good offers and helps to track payments better. Cash on Delivery is currently stopped because of Covid situation

We get our fruits/vegetable, hand-picked from chemical-free farmers, across the country - they come by train and at times they spoil on the way. We won't send you the same in case they don't meet our quality standards. The harvest depends on the weather, local farm conditions & at times personal situations, wherein farmer isn't able to harvest so then there is rejection on account of broken, crumpled, over riped veggies /fruits which obviously we don't deliver - btw, they are perfectly edible !!

Because unlke in conventionally grown, chemical laden fruits available in the market which are ripened using ethylene gas, organic fruits rely on natural process of ripening, where in fruit release this gas on their own. Simply leave these fruits in a brown paper bag and they will ripen. In case, they still don't ripen, just let us know and we shall refund the same.

Some 200 + Items (mostly dry organic groceries) have been tagged as "Express". If you place an order for these items uptill 9 am, we will deliver them the same day.
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