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Why Choose Earthy Tales?

Highly tasty and nutritious

No chemical or pesticides

Supports our soil and environment

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Kombucha Tea Online - Made with Organic Ingredients!

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink commonly consumed for its supposed health benefits. 

The tea is fermented with a Bacteria called SCOOBY which helps and aids in digestion so this becomes a Pro-Biotic beverage. The tea's fermentation process produces compounds that lead to detoxification in the body which is very essential for your liver health.

Kombucha is a great healthy alternative to regular soft drinks.


  • Boost Energy and Immune system as it contains a high amount of antioxidants
  • Assist metabolism and keep your gut healthy,
  • Infused with enzymes
  • Keeps your body hydrated
  • Great drink who are on weight loss diet

When is the best time to drink kombucha?

Morning is the best time to drink kombucha to get the necessary energy to kickstart your day.

However, there is no hard and fast rule, it is absolutely safe to drink any time of the day.

Why Buy From Earthy Tales

  • 100% Organic
  • No preservatives, no chemicals
  • Possesses more antioxidants than other teas
  • Rich in probiotics
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