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Our Story


2023 is an exciting year for our team. This year we launched our revamped website with Android and IOS apps. Also, we open our delivery boundaries from Delhi & NCR to major parts of India to support more farmers. We also placed our products on amazon, Jio mart etc. marketplaces.


Last two years, we have set up our own organic agri clusters in Rajasthan and Himachal covering 250 plus farmers. Our teams work on ground with these farmers, mentoring and helping them with organic farming practices.


These two years the world got hit with COVID – but with your and almighty’s blessings, we carried on deliveries during these times as well. We also ran a Fund raiser campaign to help the under privileged who had lost their jobs because of COVID related challenges. It was a tough period but we managed to stay on for our teams, our customer families and our organic farming communities who needed more support than ever to sell their produce.

From a closed group of 20 known families, we now serve fresh organically grown produce to over 500 families in Delhi NCR. Our offerings have seen a growth from 5 to 135+ which include Jams, Pickles etc.

In addition to our own farm produce from Pushkar, we started mentoring around 400 plus farmers and sourcing authentic chemical free produce from states like Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra and many more.


Increased demand for chemical free produce within our network and the will to completely shift to consuming and growing chemical-free produce resulted in the formation of Earthy Tales. We started connecting with like-minded passionate farmers who wanted to grow their food the natural way. Started mentoring small farmers on ill-effects of use of chemicals fertilizers and pesticides and helped them convert their farmlands into chemical free farmlands.


Our passion and love for chemical free farming started growing more serious. From giving out farm produce to select family and friends after each harvest, we realised a huge potential hidden in organically grown produce as our friends and family would continuously ask for more variety. So we started growing a variety of pulses vegetables and more.


We realised the ill effects of chemical-based farming on the soil, farmers and the people consuming food grown in these chemically laden farmlands. Hence, we gradually evolved from pesticide driven farming to using bio-fertilizers, cow dung, etc transitioning our farm produce into organically grown natural produce.


The seed of Earthy Tales sowed in our farms on the outskirts of Pushkar, Rajasthan. Started with hands of farming of a few select fruits and veggies. We were the first farmers in the area to introduce concepts such as drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting, etc.

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