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Ugly Harvest

Why Choose Earthy Tales?

Highly tasty and nutritious

No chemical or pesticides

Supports our soil and environment

Fastest delivery to your doorsteps

We believe that all fruits and vegetables, no matter their appearance, have a place in the kitchen.

High in imperfections, high in impact - Crooked carrots, curvy cucumbers, deformed fruits. 1 in 4 fruits and veggies in India do not meet cosmetic standards and never make it to the shelf. This equals to about 350 crore kilograms of produce thrown away each year.

This vegetable combo contains a mix of your favourite basic vegetables, that may have a minor cut/ scratch on them and/ or are slightly shrunk. The vegetables in this combo are absolutely fine and taste just the same, with the exception of not being as good looking from the outside as the ones that are individually ordered. As the saying goes, "beauty lies on the inside" or "never judge a book by its cover", whichever one you prefer.

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