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chemical free farming is not a new concept. It has been the way farming has happened in our country since ages. But in the race to progress, meeting huge demands and making quick money led to the shift to farming that became heavily dependent on chemicals, pesticides etc. chemical free farming is done using all natural resources and traditional methods of farming. chemical free farming and demand of organically grown food is increasing today as we face the reality of damaging effects of chemicals on our health, soil, water bodies and environment. With adopting chemical free farming, we are returning to our tradition and encouraging Healthy Living.
Under the traditional method of farming, farmers use naturally available resources such as cow dung, cow urine and plants such as neem, dhatura increase soil fertility and increase natural resistance of the plant to fight pests. And desi/indigenous seeds are created from the plants naturally and re-used for next harvest.
All of them may not look very healthy and beautiful. Since they are chemical-free, without any use of synthetic dyes and not waxed, they tend to become a little soft due to excessive heat. This a sign that they are pure and they will taste the best. Our organically grown vegetables are harvested just a day before the deliveries. You may sometime find some worms also in the vegetables such as cauliflower etc. While we take complete care to sort your vegetables before dispatch. This is an assurance that the produce is chemical free. Worm will only grow & eat the natural produce because chemically treated produce will kill the worms. Keep the vegetable in saline water for 15 minutes and it’ll be ready to cook. So, next time you spot Mr. Worm, know that it is your natural certification.
We are Farmers First and our hands-on farming experience gives an edge. Based on our practical experience we have devised a very stringent Farmer Onboarding Process. Under this process we hand pick farmers and check their farm practices during our multiple farm visits apart from their certifications. The samples from these farms are sent to government approved laboratories for testing. Only after a negative result on the usage of pesticides & chemicals, the farmer is onboarded. We continue to conduct surprise on-farm audits & sample testing at regular intervals even after the farmers are onboarded, to ensure we always deliver what we promise. But we rely more on farmer’s passion and their on-farm practices.
Every Tuesday, Wednesday Friday and Saturday, in Gurgaon, South, West and North Delhi Location. Dry groceries deliveries continue to happen all six week days in gurgaon
On Website, Watsapp or Phone (9811808015) or by joining our closed group on List gets updated One day before choosen delivery date
For Wednesday deliveries, order cut off is Tuesday 10 am For Saturday deliveries, order cut off is Friday 10 am
Because we get only freshly harvested veggies / fruits, for this farmers need to be intimated in advance
Cash on delivery if ordering on Watsapp and pay Online, Wallet or COD if ordering through our website
24 to 30 hours for veggies, 2 to 3 days for fruits
Yes same, only exception being Potatoes, Onions & Garlic - they don't grow 12 months a year & therefore have to be stored post harvesting
We get our fruits from hand picked chemical free farmers across the country - they come by train and at times they spoil on the way. We won't send you the same in case they don't meet our quality standards
We pick veggies direct from chemical free farms & farmers that we work with; if harvesting is less, then produce arrival is less & so is delivery
Because veggies aren't manufactured, they grow ! - the harvest depends on weather, local farm conditions & at times personal situations, wherein farmer isn't able to harvest. Then there is rejection on account of broken, crumpled,over riped veggies /fruits which obviously we don't deliver - btw, they are perfectly edible !!
While we sort & grade them, at time in few instances few over riped pieces sneak in & we refund the charges (NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND POLICY)
Typically, there will be few such instances & few pieces - perishables tend to ripen very fast so we try our best always to deliver fresh/div>
We encourage people not to buy basis looks; veggies travel from farms in non-AC vehicles to our godown and then again in non-AC vehicles for home deliveries in Delhi weather - AC, cold storage transport increase cost manifold. Cook them and then tell us if they didn't taste good. We won't sprinkle them with water as your local road side vendors will often do
Not all vegetables, all the times will taste remarkably different. But general feedback received so far has been that most of us have found most of veggies / fruits to be tasting much better
Its the biggest certification that its chemical free - insects will survive where pesticides aren't put on plants. Remove the insect, cut the affected area of veggie, wash it in hot haldi water and eat it without any worries
There is no fumigation in any dry items in storage unlike chemically treated conventional pulses, so this can happen. Sun dry it and use it again. Or else let us know, we will replace it.
3 step process - stringent farmer on-boarding, surprise visits & quarterly pesticide tests. We mentor farmers to stay or convert into chemical free farming ; finding marketing linkages for them came in much later
No, only a sample of 10 items gets picked
Most of our farmers are certified but for us more important is On-farm practices & a farmer's passion for chemical free farming
We stop sourcing from such farmers and farming belts