Farm Diaries

Because, Every Farm has a Story!

Let your senses come alive with the incredible thrill of knowing the STORY of your food, the power to trace every ingredient back to the chemical-free farm where it grew and to the farmer who stands behinds its purity. That's what Earthy Tales is all about.

Earthy Tales endeavors to mentor and work with small, marginal farmers across the breadth of the country to bring the chemical-free produce from these regions. Farm Dairies is a snapshot of our engagement with different farms and farmers in some of these states, a deep-rooted relationship that goes much beyond farming.

These pictures were taken at different farms during our visits, audits, family events that we usually do to mentor farmers and to check the authenticity of the chemical-free produce we get.


The soil of this state and the Never Give Up attitude of the farmers never stop to surprise us. One of the most versatile and most progressive states in terms of chemical free farming, our farmers here grow pulses, grains, spices and veggies.

Our Pushkar farm is where the idea of Earthy Tales was born and nurtured for 3 long years – it's most popular amongst ET members for its Amla (Indian gooseberry). Sikar is where we helped form our first farmer's cooperative to promote chemical free farming and is home to our most popular desi Wheat variety, the Bansi. As the sun shines bright on the ballu mitti here in summers, the watermelons from this place are one of the best in the country.


Himachal is from where lot of our fruits comes from, especially Apples from Kinnaur, Cherries from Theog. It's also home to lot of the green vegetables available in seasons. One of the Earthy Tales winter specialty, the makki ka atta (maize flour) freshly milled in Panchaaki (Water mill) also comes from here. An area known for warmth of its inhabitants, we are part of thier happy times and testing times. One such event was a wedding of a farmer's daughter. For us, it's these deep rooted relationships, that defines what Earthy Tales is all about...FARMERS FIRST

Bundelkhand (Uttar Pradesh)

Nature is far intelligent than we humans and has its own way of letting its species survive and evolve in its lap. Bundelkhand, more known for its draughts is the home to some of our hand milled desi pulses, still curated the old way using a manual chakki. While some people may debate its relevance in today's mechanized world, it has given us arguably the tastiest and nutritional Arhar (Toor) dal which even the chefs swear by and our sambhar eating customers vouch far. The biggest compliment we ever got was from a 50 year old mom "bachpan ki yaad dila di"

Another specialty of this region is Kathiya wheat, now almost an extinct variety. It is a stubborn grain and doesn't need much water to grow as if challenging the weather gods in Bundelkhand! We get it hand milled and our ET members love it for high level of "Chokhar" or wheat bran in it. It's the real wheat.


Maharashtra is an interesting convergence of different weathers, soils and hence the varied farm produce it offers. This is a place where a lot of our Fruits come from. From the Alphanso (Hafus) from Ratnagiri, to Pomegranate (Anar), Chiku in Pandharpur, Grapes in Sangli and Pappaya in Jalgaon, it has lot to offer. We also get our jaggery from here. Highlight is the Pappaya which is grown by a farmer who follows Spiritual farming- his philosophy, plants can hear and feel the vibes ! So he does Agnihotra yaganas at his fields. Amazing Isn't it !


Being closed to NCR, that's where most of our vegetables come from. The chemical free farming initiative here is led by a young award winning farmer who had a change of heart after his mother survived from cancer. Motivating others to follow the path of chemical free farming is now is life's motive. Runs a highly successful agri marketing set up and is a great example of rural awakening.


It's one state which offers a lot in terms of variety – from grains to cereals, from rice to millets and spices, you name it and its topography is conducive for growing. We get our Ragi millet, Amarnth, Red chilly, Haldi power and Rajma from here. What's next and will keep us excited – opportunity to convert an entire village onto chemical free farming

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