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Atta Ladoo (with desi cow ghee & jaggery)

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Product Description

Atta Ladoo with Jaggery is a delicious Indian snack that has proven its healthy merits worldwide. Atta ladoo itself is a powerful source of nutrients and healthy calories, and when the sweetness of Jaggery gets added to it, it becomes a must-have superfood at your home. Atta Ladoo with Jaggery has been used as snacks and tea for centuries in India due to its excellent potent health benefits. In ancient Ayurvedic works of literature like Charak Samhita, atta laddoos containing Jaggery have been recommended to provide nourishment to the kids, women, elderly, and even those who become emaciated to long chronic illness.


Health Benefits of Atta Ladoo:

  • Atta laddoo with Jaggery is a healthy, rich source of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and proteins.


  • Loaded with natural cane sugar from Jaggery, this snack can be consumed as a daily healthy alternative to other refined sugar desserts.


  • Atta Ladoo is traditional sweets eaten believed to be eaten in the winter season. Contrary to this belief, these Ladoos can be taken the entire year since their benefits supersede any other snacks.


  • The Jaggery, according to Ayurveda, is a source of Ushma or heat and keeps the body warm during the season that witnesses cold-weather starting from October to March.


  • The Jaggery is a natural laxative that helps combat constipation and improves digestion to invoke digestive fire in indigestion.


  • Jaggery acts as a blood purifier and is always a healthy replacement over the snacks produced from refined sugar.


  • Atta laddoo with Jaggery is a well-known sweet to boost immunity in Indian households for all ages.

How the Atta Ladoos from EarthyTales are made?

At ‘Earthy Tales’ we make sure you get the final product delivered, which is genuinely organic since its genesis. To create this tempestuous atta ladoo with Jaggery, we take organic wheat flour in an iron pan and place it on a low flame till it starts giving its typical aroma and colour. This process needs to be put a close eye on as it does not get burnt.


After cooling it for a while, the Jaggery is added along with water to heat for Jaggery to dissolve. To make the Ladoo thick in the desired form, it is heated at an optimum heat continuously. Once the syrup prepared from this Jaggery and water gets cooled, the wheat flour is added and mixed well.


After doing this, the crispy almonds are added to it, and later on, to give it a typical aroma, cardamoms are added in sufficient quantity. The entire process of making this delicious Atta ladoo with Jaggery follows the stringent healthy and hygienic process as per the traditional method of cooking.


So, next time when you wish to sip your tea in the evening alone or with your guests at home, do treat them with these delicious healthy ‘Atta ladoos with jaggery’ instead of high-calorie sweets, fermented or processed goodies. Add health in your life and in the lives of others. This box of Atta Ladoo with Jaggery is a perfect healthy gift you can gift to your loved ones.

Wheat Atta
Desi Cow Ghee - A2
Gud / Jaggery
Mamra Badam

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