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Emmer (Khapli) Atta

Emmer (Khapli) Atta

Emmer (Khapli) Atta

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Product Description

Khapli, also know as Emmer, is an ancient variety of wheat in India. 
Khapli Atta is one of the best alternatives for making chappatis as in contrast with regular wheat flour that brings a unique flavor to chappatis along with its nutrients. 
Khapli Atta is loaded with significant fibre that helps you in weight loss and very healthy for diabetic people.

Benefits  of Khapli Atta

  • Possess antioxidant compounds, such as carotenoids, phytosterols, polyphenols and selenium 
  • Weight loss friendly flour
  • Highly enriched with fibre content
  • Powerhouse of  Vitamin B3, magnesium and iron
  • Lowers the sugar level

Gluten %age 

Contains natural gluten between 1% to 3%

Uses of Khapli Atta

  • Rotis
  • Pasta
  • Mix Millets
  • Semiya

Why Buy From Earthy Tales

  • No Pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers during harvesting
  • Real Natural taste
  • More nutritious as compared to non-organic wheat
  • Naturally low gluten content

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