8 Tips to make your body and mind relax during pregnancy

Being pregnant means growing a new person in your body; a monumental task that takes up huge amounts of physical, emotional and mental energy. It’s a period of time when we can feel pretty emotional and up and down which isn’t surprising given how many new hormones are running through our body.

For this reason, relaxing in pregnancy is absolutely crucial. You have to take care of yourself and much of the time, no one is going to remind you to do so. Given the hugely busy lives we lead, it can be so easy to forget or not make time for resting but I promise you, it is crucial to carve out the time and understand how important it is to take it easy, especially when we know that around 10% of mums to be are affected by antenatal depression. So whether you work full time, or you’re a stay at home mummy, or you’re somewhere in between, here’s a few quick and easy ways I take time out throughout my day during my pregnancy:

  1. I know it sounds simple, but just lighting a scented candle at the start of the or at the end of the day makes me feel heaps more relaxed. Lighting incense can also have a similar effect and just sets the tone for a relaxing space, which is exactly what you need.
  2. Run yourself a bath and have a nice long soak.
  3. Even a nice shower can work wonders – and if it’s strong enough, I like to direct the water onto my lower back as I find this relieves pain too.
  4. Applying stretch mark oil can turn a simple wash in to a mini pampering session.
  5. Doing pregnancy yoga has been one of the most important activitiesduring pregnancy. Not only is pregnancy yoga incredibly relaxing, it also teaches you breathing techniques for labour.
  6. Another wonderful way to wind down is meditation.
  7. DISCONNECT! This is by far one of the most effective ways of taking time out. I don’t think you can underestimate how much good it does us just to switch our phone off, or put it out of sight, even just for half a day or an evening, allowing you instead to curl up with your partner, read a book, play a game. Don’t be a slave to technology – which is so easy to become in these hyper -connected days.
  8. And last but not least, heading into nature can be one of the most soul-lifting and relaxing things to do. It can be as simple as sitting in your garden, or wandering to your local park or discovering new green spots in your area that you never knew existed. Research shows that being outdoors boosts our well-being so what better time than during pregnancy to get outside into the fresh air.
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