Boost Your Immunity with Food

Boost Your Immunity with Food

Natural organic food products have been around for centuries. We saw the shortcomings of the low immune system in the Covid-19 breakout, and thus more people are becoming aware of the nutrition they are intaking. People are not only focusing on the freshness of products in the kitchen, but they are also interested in their origins. 

A robust immune system helps to keep a person healthy. But do you think immunity booster foods help? 

Our body uses and absorbs nutrients more efficiently from whole food sources like organic foods rather than processed foods or supplements. Getting a variety of these foods and nutrients in your diet is essential compared to focusing on just one or two in large quantities.

Below are the organic foods that boost immunity which will help your body be invulnerable to diseases.


Food item: Gooseberry

Superpower: Vitamin C

Indian gooseberry, popularly known as Amla, is a Vitamin C powerbomb. It supports the body’s healthy response to stress as it has properties of antioxidants. Being high in Vitamin C, amla treats seasonal coughs, common cold, influenza.


Food item: Turmeric

Superpower: Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

Turmeric or Haldi is a yellow spice that many people use in cooking. It is also present in some alternative medicines. When you consume turmeric, you improve your immune response as it has the qualities of curcumin, a compound in turmeric. Indian food is incomplete without this ingredient.


Food item: Ginger

Superpower: Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

Teas, snacks, dishes, and desserts- ginger may be universally used in all types of food items. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidative holdings.


Food item: Garlic

Superpower: T-Cell Booster

Garlic or Lasun helps activates the production of virus-fighting T-cells. It can reduce stress hormones and is a common home remedy to prevent colds and other illnesses. You also cannot skip the flavour it gives. 


Food item: Nuts, Seeds & Greens

Superpower: Vitamin E 

Nuts, seeds, avocado, and spinach are rich in Vitamin E. Almonds, sunflower seeds and, Palak contains magnesium, manganese, and fibre. A small handful or a quarter of a cup of nuts and seeds is a healthful snack that will benefit the immune system. 


Food item: Green Tea

Superpower: Antioxidants

A bag or a spoon of green tea filled with antioxidants enhances immune system function. It contains amino acids that may assist the germ-fighting compounds in our T-cells which battle infections. It is even available in various flavours and can be consumed, hot or cold.


Food item: Fish & Eggs

Superpower: Vitamin D + Omega 3 fatty acids

Vitamin D can hide in salmon, tuna, egg yolks, and mushrooms. Vegetarians can opt for Omega 3 pills as a substitute. 


Food item: Dark chocolate

Superpower: Antioxidant

Filled with antioxidants called theobromine, dark chocolate may step up the immune game by protecting the body’s cells from free radicals damaging body cells.


Food item: Black pepper

Superpower: Antioxidant

Component of pepper, called “piperine,” has natural alkaloids with antioxidant activity. Black pepper stimulates digestive enzymes and supports healthy pancreas function.

Remember, we are complex human beings, and so is our immune system. To boost your immunity system, we should include an organic diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As Bangambiki Habyarimana said, “The heart of the home beats in the kitchen, and a healthy one beats three times a day.” Let’s give ourselves the strength we need to fight the unwanted. 

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