Build a Waste-Free Future

Build a Waste-Free Future, Especially for You!

Our planet was created by God or was an act of the Big Bang is a separate debate but 100% made of all things natural and beautiful. The past few years, however, have all been about humans building an empire of waste material. 

In India, we’re on the front line in the fight against food waste – in our factories and on people’s plates. Weddings, engagements, restaurants, and homes – all are running in a rat race when it comes to wastage of food. The common statement we hear is, “Kuch bhi ho, bas khana nahi kam padna chahiye.” The irony is millions still sleep hungry every night in our country.

For a sustainable, waste-free future, we must not misuse the privilege of getting food. Here are some ways through which we can ensure minimal wastage of food:

Save those peels and skins:

We usually dispose of the outer layers of eatable food. A few examples of edibles tossed out are:

  • Fruit peels
  • Egg yolks
  • Teabags

All three are highly nutritious and are just as healthy, especially organic food. These peels can also serve as manure for your plants in the garden. You can then make it into a hobby and be an unconventional organic farmer.


Leftovers not to be left out:

Most Indian mothers have leftovers, and they find their way in the dustbin. Instead of throwing them, utilize them for the next day in other dishes, such as using leftover vegetables in a rice bowl or leftover tomatoes to make a salad or turn them into sauce dips.


Not a sale:

Your organic fruitsvegetables, and snacks are not on sale that you need to buy extra and store for longer days, assuming you will make that healthy salad for dinner and eventually eat dal rice. Shopping how much you need will help you stay away from wastage. Pre-planning your grocery list and menu for the week helps.


Quantity matters – Measure your appetite:

You exactly know the amount of food you and your family members are going to consume. Avoid overcooking! Pro tip: Get yourself measuring tools for checking the quantity, which will show you exactly how much ricepasta, or salad you need per serving.


Give your food a chill pill:

Deep-freezing food nearing its expiry date is another way to increase shelf life by as much as thirty days! All eaters cautious about wastage of food might want to consider this simple yet effective trick. It is proven to be safe and healthy.


Buffet over Ala carte:

Your guests or your own family, serving food on a plate, should be dodged. Offer it in containers or serving bowls, from where everyone can help themselves and take the desired quantity of food, eliminating the risk of wastage.


Sharing is caring:

A wise option would be donating food that would otherwise go to waste. For example, WhatsApp groups in your locality can connect neighbours and people around you with each other and with local restaurants and businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.


Embrace healthy eating

Life is fast-paced, and preparing nutritious meals can be a challenge. A community of organic eaters can spread awareness about a waste-free future. 


If mindful steps are taken proactively by even a handful of people to start with, we can knit a waste-free food, leading to an organic lifestyle. 

Join us in this mission towards a waste-free future. WhatsApp Earthy Tales on +91-93118 25942 for more information, healthy food at your doorstep.


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