Health and laddoos go hand in hand

Health and laddoos go hand in hand

An Indian sweet primarily made from organic flour, fat (ghee/butter/oil), sugar, and shortening, shaped into a ball. Laddoos are sphere-shaped sweets originating. Depending on which part of the country you belong to, myriad images pop up in your mind as soon as you think of laddoos, and as if on cue, your taste buds will begin to drool.


Laddoos usually are a mark of celebrations. A piece of happy news will permanently be attached to these round balls of sweetness. 

The mark sheet score looks excellent- let’s get some laddoos; Shaadi pakki?- let’s get some laddoos; A new member in the round belly- let’s get some laddoos; got a new job- let’s get some laddoos. 


However, these sugary spheres have a history of their own, and there is no single definitive way to prepare them. 


It is believed that Indian physician, Susruta, used laddoos as an antiseptic to treat his surgical patients. In the 4th century BC, he used ingredients with nutritional properties like sesame seeds, jaggery, and peanuts. 

The seeds were coated with pure honey, which is known for its antibacterial properties. In contrast, jaggery and sesame seeds have multiple health advantages in Ayurveda, including maintaining blood pressure, indigestion, curing a cold, etc. 


Laddoos are the homophones of sweet- all the same, yet very different. Find out how.


Multigrain ke laddoo:

These simple, delicious, and nutritious sweetened balls are made of multigrain & seeds. These make an excellent snack for those trying to lose weight or are on a diabetic diet. These laddoos need just a tbsp of ghee or oil. Though not of the mouth melting kind, they are soft when you bite in and make a perfectly healthy sweet.


Quinoa – Gud ke laddoo:

These chemical-free quinoa and jaggery balls are an easy treat to make for the festive season. The laddoos are free of refined sugar and packed with protein. These require no cooking, other than roasting the quinoa in the oven. These also double up healthy energy balls/bites. So, you don’t need a festive occasion to make these. Make a batch, and these will be a great way to satisfy the sweet cravings.

Nachni ke laddoo:

Ragi laddoos are delicious, healthy & nutrient-dense laddoos made with organic ragi flour, jaggery, nuts & seeds. These ragi laddoos or nachni laddoos make a fantastic snack for toddlers, kids & women. 


Badam-Khajur ke laddoo:

These gluten-free, paleo delicious treats are loaded with health. They are eggless desserts made of refined sugar-free, perfect for festivals. Almonds and dates offer around 150-200 calories, firing up metabolism, stabilizing blood sugar, and helping your body produce vital melatonin later in the evening to help you sleep.


Gond ke laddoo:

Gond (edible gum) laddoos are famous in the northern parts of India and are made during winters. These laddoos generate heat, so they should not be given to pregnant ladies, whereas lactating mothers can have this for strength. They are high in calories because of all the nuts added and thus should be eaten in moderate amounts. You can serve this to kids to improve their stamina and also to the underweight kids.


Besan ke laddoo:

Besan laddoos have a melt in the mouth texture. These delicious balls are made with chemical-free gram flour, ghee, powdered sugar, and cardamoms. To give it a healthy twist, you can even add crushed dry fruits, including cashews, pistachios, and melon seeds. The perfect yellow-occur in color is popular and traditionally found in almost all of India during occasions. 


We can also consider substituting the two non-negotiable ingredients in preparing laddoos: ghee and sugar with organic A2 cow ghee and jaggery.


The above clearly states that health and laddoos definitely can go hand in hand. They don’t just serve our palate but also add nutritional value to our diet. WhatsApp Earthy Tales on +91-93118 25942 and order all your ingredients from us.

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Deepak Sabharwal

CEO and Co-Founder, Earthy Tales

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