Organic Food: Is It Good For The Environment And Climate Change

“What we eat is what we become”. As a health-conscious person, you might have heard about organic food. It is not only safe and nutritious for your fitness but is eco-friendly too. If you are a resident of Delhi, Gurgaon or NCR, you can easily purchase these naturally grown vegetables and fruits. Modern farming has led to the excessive usage of chemicals in agriculture. Consuming organically farmed food products is beneficial for both health and the environment. Here are some reasons for which you should consider organic food to mitigate climate change:

Helps in maintaining soil quality:

There are reports regarding land becoming infertile due to the regular use of the pesticides and synthesized fertilizers by farmers. The depleting soil quality is a big red flag. For sustainability and improving soil productivity, we should support the naturally grown crops. Not only vegetables and fruits, but organic farmers growing oil and pulse that is full of protein and essential for your diet.

Reduces water pollution:

Living in Delhi, Gurgaon or NCR, you are facing the scarcity of clean surface and groundwater. The chemically farmed produce leads to impurities and consumption of dangerous substances. By promoting organic food, there will be a decline in such agricultural practices to conserve water. With such a small move towards your well-being, you will contribute towards non-pollution efforts.

Saves ecosystem:

All species of flora and fauna depend upon each other. Harmful fertilizers induced vegetation consumed by the insects and faunas affects the animal product. For example, you will get substandard honey and dairy products like milk and ghee. Natural farming leads to chemical-free foodstuff and saving the biodiversity hence prefer organically grown produce.

Aids in storing carbon:

These kinds of products are grown with the farming techniques that store carbon dioxide in the soil that decreases the emissions. By promoting these naturally grown items, you will help in curtailing global warming that cause’s climate change.

So, what are you waiting for? Just approach the supplier selling organic food and help in making the world environmentally sound.

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