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Can’t Ignore the Red Rice Benefits

Indian and Asian cuisines are famous for their rice and gravy combinations, and why shouldn‘t they. Rice can absorb the rich flavours of the curry, and every mouthful has a uniform taste. If we think of rice, white rice hits our mind, but today we will talk about a rice variant that is red in colour. 

Did you know that there are 40,000 different varieties of rice cultivated in India alone?

Wait, wait, don’t worry, we will not name every variety of rice.

But there’s one variant of rice which we want to discuss today – red rice benefits! 

In India, Northeastern and Uttarakhand farmers harvest red rice varieties. Its chewy texture packs a punch, and the nutrition content includes rich dietary fibre and complex carbohydrates, which keep the metabolism going.  

Red rice gets its dark maroonish shade because of anthocyanins, a coloured water-soluble antioxidant responsible for colours in vegetables, grains, and fruits. This rice has a nutty flavour and has a red husk. Organic red rice is the unpolished version that is more beneficial. 

Nutritional Red Rice Benefits

Below we have stated a few nutritional facts about red rice so that you get motivated and include it in your diet. After all, sharing is caring, and we don’t want to reap all the benefits alone. 

So join us by reading through the red rice benefits listed below. 

1. Antioxidants are never enough:

The fascinating fact about red rice is its high antioxidant content. One of the highest antioxidant rich food in India.

It contains 10 times more antioxidants than normal rice. It is not just for its anti-ageing benefits, but red rice antioxidants help improve the body’s immunity by flushing out toxins. 

By doing this, it helps in keeping the tissues and cells healthy and energised. The immune system gets refreshed.  

2. Fights cholesterol:

Yes, red rice fights high levels of cholesterol. You will want these red rice benefits on your plate as it controls the side-effects of food that are rich in bad fats.  

The fact that red rice fights cholesterol and keeps it in check is because of ‘monacolin K’. Now, this natural ingredient is found in cholesterol management drug medications. 

With cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins (LDL) under check, red rice also maintains heart health. Red rice helps open up the narrowed arteries and improves blood circulation, thus breaking the harmful effects of LDL. 

Note: People who face health concerns because of their liver or are pregnant should consult their doctor before consuming red rice. 

3. Fights obesity:

Rice has been the flag bearer of weight gain, as it is rich in carbohydrates. But red rice breaks this preconceived notion down, and it fights obesity. Red rice provides the body with higher energy levels when compared to the white rice variants. This feature of red rice helps break down food faster and effectively. 

Red rice also makes you feel full in a few spoonfuls and works wonderfully to keep the carbohydrate intake in control. 

If you need an obesity warrior on your plate. Red rice benefits can help you there.

4. The Vitamin B6 load:

We all know that vitamin B6 is very important for our body’s organs’ well-being. Reasonable amounts of vitamin B6 can strengthen DNA cells that will benefit your future generations. 

The vitamin also helps in the production of red blood cells and serotonin in our body. Even a few handfuls of red rice every week is enough for the much-needed vitamin B6 nutrition. 

5. Dietary fibre:

A quarter cup of red rice has two grams of fibre, and this much is enough to meet your daily intake. You need fibre every day to improve digestion and metabolism. A small portion of dietary fibre helps in keeping you satiated and drives cravings away. 

The dietary fibre in red rice eliminates toxins from the body and flushes the harmful chemicals out. By doing so, it helps our body absorb nutrients and energy. 

6. Pump up on iron:

No other rice variety has this iron-rich quality than red rice does wonder in people suffering from anaemia. A small cup of red rice can provide you with 3% of the daily iron requirement.  

An adequate amount of iron in the body means better oxygen flow, improved breathing, and brain functioning. 

Red Is The Colour Of Health

If you feel that because of the bland and nutty taste of red rice, it is not versatile; you are in for a surprise. We can absorb red rice benefits through various dishes as red rice can an alternative to white rice in idli, uttapam, kheer, and also goes well with meat recipes. 

Doctors have officially signed red rice as the best alternative to cholesterol medications. Seeing is believing, so why not try it for real. 

Skin lovers need not be disappointed, as red rice benefits will shine through your skin if you consume it regularly. Red rice is rich in vitamins and minerals, which help improve health from the inside out. 

Want a colourful diet?

Experiment with red rice! You can make it a ‘couples cooking thing’ or a ‘family event’ every weekend where you try out new recipes using red rice. 

Let us know how it goes! 

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