Sugar-Free and Organic Sweets for Festivals

Sugar-Free and Organic Sweets for Festivals

The celebratory season brings a heavy intake of processed foods for meals, snacks, extra sweetened mithai, and in-betweens. All good things come with a price, which means added sugar and tons of calories.


We are no longer proud of this thing a month down the line we worked hard for before the festive season to get into those great clothes to look flawless: the waistline! 

Woh kya kehte hai, “Once on the lips, forever on the hips!!” 

Our curves start daunting us for the following reasons: the apparent weight gain and the sugar rush that our body gets used to post festivities. 

Body ko kaise samjhae that bas….ab aur meetha nahi kha sakte!


But what if you could guilt-free enjoy your delicious sweets without worrying about the after-effects? 

While everyone’s merry-making and pleasing their craving for sweets, people could try out sugar-free or organic candies this season. It’s not all that disappointing.


The recent inrush of low-calorie sweeteners (LCS) can make you feel far less criminal before you dig into your next piece of besan laddoo. 

Here are some sugar-free and organic sweets options for this festive season:

Nachni Katli: 

Organic Nachni Katli is a delicious Indian sweet made with ragi flour. It is soft and has a fudge-like texture. This healthy finger millet flour sweet during this festive season makes a perfect after-school snack for kids, a great post-workout snack, and a delicious organic sweet after meals.



Sugar-Free Sandesh is a Diabetic friendly Bengali sweet without any sugar, jaggery, or milk powder. This mildly sweet Sandesh requires three essential ingredients – organic milk for paneer + desi ghee + sugar-free drops, and 5 mins. 


Date-Coconut Ladoo: 

Coconut Dates Ladoo is a nutritious and tasty ladoo. This does not require sugar that makes it healthier as compared to other sweets. Ingredients involved are coconut, dates, organic dry fruits and black pepper, cardamom powder for flavoring. 


Grilled Almond Barfi: 

This new barfi recipe can be a gem of homemade sweets. You can make this recipe by using roasted and crushed almonds, grated khoya, and organic sugar alternatives from the original recipe. Cook the ingredients and bake them to your own desired shapes and sizes. It will give you the aroma and goodness of almonds without compromising your health.


Anjeer Rolls: 

Rolls made of dried figs and nuts, an easy, guilt-free, sugar-free sweet, can be made in less than 20 minutes. Figs give the sweetness, and some dates and a good quantity of your favorite nuts are added for the crunch and volume.


Oat & Jaggery Cookies: 

This baked wonder is not only good for your health but also tastes fantastic. These cookies have nutrition, flavor, and deliciousness. Moreover, the use of oats flour adds crispness, and jaggery makes it soft and crumbly.


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