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Hello ET members,

2020 comes to end today and its only fair to say that Nature has re-claimed herself, rightfully. One of the biggest learnings for all of us has been to be with Nature and the understanding the IMMUNITY cannot be build overnight - growing and eating Chemical Free Food has to be the new Normal. Our efforts to motivate farmers to move back to Natural farming has been encouarged by your support ! Thanks for the same. 


As I reflect back on last year, I take a lot of pride in our team, whch stood firm and kept on working and deliverying right through the lockdown period. What drove us, was the concern for farmers and our countless customers who have bestowed their trust and familiy's health on us.

From your concerns around "Will you be deliverying" to being stopped several times by authorities to delivery, to our efforts to eventually getting "E-Pass" to upteen sanitization drives at our farms, warehouse, vehicles, to our fears of catching corana, we saw it all to ensure that we stayed true to our objective "Good Food for All"


Few website enhancements we have done to make for an easier Ordering & Payment exprience for you:

  1. My Favourties : add your frequently ordered items list and move straight to Check Out page
  2. Partial Wallet Usage : Even if its Rs 5 in your Wallet, use that at Check Out 
  3. Comments: Any specific message for us as regards your items, delivery time, mention in Comments column on Check Out Page
  4. Communication : Get to know whats coming, missing items, delivery staus on "My Pending Orders"
  5. Wallet Details: Know usage, credits etc in detail on "My Wallet" 

While we will surely improve the convenience quotient, we remain focussed on maintaining the authenticity and quality of our products, apart from increasing the range. 

Please feel free to connect with me for any clarifications or questions, on


Good Health Always 


Deepak Sabharwal, 

Co-founder Earthy Tales

A Farmer by Heart



Hello ET members,

Hope and pray that you and your families are keeping well and the eixisting pandemic hasn't dampened your festive spiirts. I am sure that we will come out of this situation soon. 

Have been thinking of ways to connecting with you, to share updates and happenings @ Earthy Tales and our efforts to shape the chemical free food revolution in the country. So, here I come with my Ist update  - if you have any clarifications or questions, write to me at


New Product Arrivals 

We have added 25 + products in the last few months - there are lot of hidden gems across India, farmers , processor who have adopted completely chemical free methods. 

  1. Sweetners Palm Sugar, Coconut Sugar from Bagalkot in Karnataka. They are much healthier options as compared to sugarcane based sugars
  2. Breakfast Cereals  Really exicted with this find from Himchal and West Bengal. Millet (Amarnth, Buckwheat, Barley) based Porridge, Flakes and medicinal rice based Pohas (Black / Red rice)
  3. Health Snacks From Rice Pops (murmeri) to Amarnth / Buckwheat honey, coco coated pops, to Multi grain mix (roasted), we have got all your munching pangs covered 
  4. Bakery  gets more exicting and nutritious with Gluten free pizza base and cake 
  5. Chavyanprash Immunity is on everyones mind and we all love Amla ! This is by far one of the best chavyanprash that we could get our hands at in India
  6. Teas Straight from Assam, choose between the dudh wali chai (CTC) and the refresher Green tea 
  7. Fruits incresing the range has been your feedback and believe us, we worked really hard on this. Check out the increased offerings 

I will be back with more updates, farm stories next week. 

Take care


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