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Millet Bisibele Bath Mix

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Product Description

Net Weight - 200 grams

Shelf Life - 6 months

Ingredients - Foxtail millet, toor dal, bisibele bath masala powder (coriander, chana dal, urad dal, sesame, red chilli, jeera, black pepper, cardamom, dalchini, clove, asafoetida, curry leaves, dried coconut and oil)

Millet Bisibele Bath is a Ready to cook (RTC) product made from organic millets and toor dal procured. This instant bisibele bath mix has high amount of fibre and protein when compared to traditional one. This instant product is convenient to use and healthy. It comes with no preservatives and no artificial colours.

It is Gluten Free and safe for Celiac Patients. Rich source of phenolic compounds and causes satiety resulting in slower digestibility. Reduces oxidative stress (Antioxidant). Low calorie diet (through Dietary fibre) promotes healthy digestion.

SAME DAY DELIVERY available now (Gurgaon, Delhi)
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