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Let's understand more about Earthytales

Why EarthyTales?

100% Fresh, 100% Natural, Chemical Free.

To Deliver Fresh Chemical Free Produce to all is the only mission and motive we live by. Earthy Tales Organics is a Farm to Fork startup, which is working towards linking the health-conscious and socially responsible city communities with the organic farmers of the country. Vegetables are delivered within 24 hours of harvesting.

Farm Setups

We started with owned Pushkar farms in Rajasthan but quickly realized that the market need was to get all organic food products for all houses/ people who wished to move towards Organic, Chemical Free, Healthy Living.

Direct Farm Sourcing - the produce reaches the warehouses of EarthyTales directly from Responsible farmers and set-ups who share the mindset of suitable Organic Farming. The produce is 100% Chemical Free, Preservative Free and ethically grown.

Safety Ensured- Certifications and Testing

We pick and choose our partners only post a complete due-diligence of their backgrounds, past, what the soil and land history has been. We ensure Organic Certifications as submitted at the time of Partner Onboarding. All Safety Standards are maintained while produce is being moved from Farms to EarthyTales warehouses. It is our duty to ensure your Safety.

Quarterly we also conduct Residue tests with FRAC. FICCI Research & Analysis Centre (FRAC) to provide us with the residue test report which defines is there is any chemical or residue within the produce.

Why is Organic Healthy?

Organic food is the food grown without any synthetic chemicals, insecticides and pesticides. Chemicals of-course is harmful for human consumption and can cause some serious health issues. Strong Immunity is the key to our health and chemical free food or organic is the easiest source of building immunity. As per Ayurveda also, Food is medicine.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Packaging

Another important part of Organic living is less use of plastics and materials for packaging produce. We use packaging which is either glass or brown paper which are recyclables and re-usable. Letting the Earth breathe is what we promote and believe in.

Variety of Choices in Ordering at EarthyTales

Online Ordering Portal, Mobile Website, WhatsApp Orders and Phone support is available. We will make sure all updates, information and delivery status is shared on a timely basis with all consumers placing the orders with us.

Contactless Delivery Guaranteed

We ensure Hygiene and sanitization standards are met and clean pure produce is delivered from the warehouse directly to your homes. With the new pandemic being a part of our lives we are ensuring safety of all produce which is passing via EarthyTales to your homes. Disposables bags to Cash-less deliveries we have implemented it all.

100% Refunds, NO questions asked.

We will process all refunds all exchanges if you have any issue with the produce we send. 100% Refunds, no questions. Just log a request within 48 hrs. of getting the delivery with your support teams and we will take care of the same.

How to recognize Organic Produce?

  1. The Label-This, of course, is the most obvious way. Organic fruits and vegetables will often have stickers on them that denote their origins.
  2. The Size-Organic foods are much smaller in size and weigh less, because organic growing allows natural production.
  3. The Shape-Things that grow in nature are often full of defects. They will never be uniform
  4. The Smell-This means that they’ll develop a scent faster than their non-organic cousins. They’re quicker to break down when they aren’t refrigerated, which causes them to release a stronger aroma. This is especially true with ripe fruits, which will smell especially strong.
  5. The Damage-Is there any evidence that bugs have gotten hold of the produce? Small bite marks in the leaves, or insect exoskeletons in your grains? These are part of the natural process of organic foods. Insects are perfectly natural and safe for your food, provided that you wash the food properly before preparing it.

If you’re making the switch to organic foods, you’ll notice that the landscape is a lot different. The process of selecting foods will drastically change, and you’ll wind up with a product that strongly differs from what you’re used to. Any differences you see are normal and a sign that your food was naturally grown.

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