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Your Story

he use of chemical pesticides in food has long been a matter of concern and a hot topic of discussion in India. But today, chemical-free farming is bringing new hope...Read More


Whatsapp Story

While the use of chemical pesticides in India has been a growing concern and hot topic of discussion, chemical-free farming has brought new hope to local farmers. ...Read More


Retailer Award

To honour innovative Indian foodservice and retail concepts and creative food retailers, food & grocery retail professionals, as well as contemporary foodservice formats, IMAGES Group presented three sets of awards on January 18, 2018...Read More


India Retailing

organic brand Earthy Tales, which supplies organic food items directly to consumers across Delhi-NCR using WhatsApp as a communication tool has seen an almost a 25 percent...Read More


ET Tech

“A lot of our dormant customers came back. The demand will be here to stay for the next three months as more people will be staying in and not going out,” said Gauri Bhatnagar, cofounder, Earthy Tales, a year old company. Given their small sizes, they often choose to filter their deluge of orders through referral customer sign-ups...Read More

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