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Organic Rice Flour

Versatile and Nutritious Organic Rice Flour

Rice flour
Rice flour
Stone Chakki Milled Perfection
Stone Chakki Milled Perfection
Purity in Every Grain
Purity in Every Grain
Nutrient-Rich Organic Goodness
Nutrient-Rich Organic Goodness
Gluten-Free Wholesomeness
Gluten-Free Wholesomeness

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Nutrient-Rich Organic Rice Flour: A Complete Kitchen Essential

Earthy Tales introduces Stone Chakki Milled Organic Rice Flour, a culinary masterpiece. This flour is meticulously made using the centuries-old technique of stone chakki milling, preserving an essence of purity and tradition. Our procedure begins with carefully selected organic rice grains, which are free of pesticides and contaminants. The rice is then ground and crushed using a gentle yet strong force by the grinding stones throughout the stone chakki milling process. This precise technique protects the natural nutrients, aroma, and texture, resulting in premium-quality flour.

Our organic rice flour in Delhi is widely appreciated for its nutritional profile. It contains essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are excellent for a healthy diet. By preserving these nutrients during the stone chakki milling process, a healthy and full-of-nutrient alternative for regular rice flour can be offered to customers.

Earthy Tales places a high value on transparency in its sourcing processes. The organic rice used for the flour is ethically acquired from certified organic farms, giving customers more confidence in the brand's commitment to offering a reliable and trustworthy product. Customers actively support local agriculture when they choose gluten-free organic rice flour. The brand's emphasis on local sourcing ensures not only freshness but also helps to sustain local farming communities.

Nourish Your Recipes with Gluten-Free Goodness 

Organic rice flour is naturally gluten-free, it's a good option for people who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Earthy Tales's organic rice flour in Gurgaon is free of contaminants, making it a versatile and inclusive product that all kinds of customers can use. It can be used in a variety of cuisines as in savory and sweet recipes. Its mild flavor and smooth texture can make it a seamless replacement in a lot of recipes, giving customers a better overall culinary experience. 

Buy organic rice flour in Noida which is an excellent option for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity because it is naturally gluten-free. It contains some essential nutrients, including small amounts of B vitamins and minerals like manganese. It’s also high in calories and provides an easy and quick way to gain energy. When it comes to gluten-free and hypoallergenic recipes, rice flour is often used since it can be easily digested by some people.

Wholesome Nutrition for Healthier Baking

Our versatile rice flour can be a go-to option for customers in a variety of traditional and ethnic recipes. Organic rice flour in Gurgaon works well with many recipes, from baking and frying to thickening sauces and making gluten-free sweets, offering innovative and diverse culinary exploration. Since rice flour is organic and stone chakki milled, it naturally adds a mild flavor to food that enhances flavor without dominating other flavors. This makes it the perfect option for dishes that call for a delicate, balancing flavor. Earthy Tale's gluten-free organic rice flour can also be used in both savory and sweet recipes without significantly altering the flavor because of its subtle, neutral flavor.

Earthy Tales' best organic rice flour might become a kitchen favorite if it can be used correctly. Using our stone chakki milled organic rice flour in your cooking is a good way to promote a healthier lifestyle. This flour not only meets strict quality standards, but it also fits with a healthy eating strategy that places a priority on sustainability and health. Buy online organic rice flour which promotes biodiversity, soil health, and a more sustainable agricultural ecosystem by prioritizing organic farming practices. 

A Must for Savoring Flavorful Delights

Buy organic rice flour online in Delhi NCR to add a nice chewiness and moist texture to your recipes, enhancing the overall texture and flavor of pancakes, dosas, parathas, and rotis. Our organic rice flour can be used in a variety of recipes since its flavor profile compliments a wide range of ingredients. Buy online organic rice flour which is a healthy substitute that doesn't compromise taste, making it perfect for people who are health-conscious and gluten-sensitive. Our organic rice flour is non-GMO, or not made from genetically modified organisms. People who wish to avoid GMOs from their diet can choose this.

Buy organic rice flour online and find the ideal balance of flavor and health by making the right choice. With our Earthy Tales organic rice flour, enhance your culinary skills and embrace a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Our organic rice flour is the best choice when it comes to buy organic rice flour in Noida because we provide complete information regarding the sources of ingredients, manufacturing processes, and quality control procedures. When customers are aware of the products they choose, they are more likely to trust the business.

Earthy Tales organic rice flour in Delhi set itself apart by implementing ethical and transparent sourcing methods. It also establishes good relations with organic farmers and makes sure that working conditions and pay are reasonable. Our brand uses eco-friendly packaging materials in an attempt to minimize its environmental impact. Customers who care about the environment will respect sustainable packaging, and it also supports the brand's broader commitment to ethical business practices.

Nutritional Values of organic rice flour 

Nutritional values for 100 grams of organic rice flour:

Calories - 360 kcal

Total Fat - 1g

Sodium - 15mg

Total Carbohydrate 80g

  • Dietary Fiber 1g

  • Sugar 0g

Protein - 7g

Calcium - 14mg

Iron - 0.3mg

Potassium - 95mg

Storage & Additional Tips 

Cool and Dry Environment:

Rice flour should be kept in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture absorption. Moisture can lead to spoiling and clumping.

Airtight Container:

Transfer it to an airtight container or zipper bag to keep the rice flour fresh and avoid air exposure, which can cause the flour to get stale.

Avoid Sunlight:

Avoid exposing the rice flour to direct sunlight as this can gradually reduce its quality.

Pest Prevention:

Rice flour should be kept in an airtight container to prevent pests. You can add whole cloves or bay leaves to the container as they are natural insect repellents.

Additional Tips:

Check for Freshness:

Make sure there are no signs of spoilage, unusual smells, or discoloration on the rice flour before using it. The color and smell of fresh rice flour should be consistent.


To check the freshness of the flour, label the container with the date of purchase. Although rice flour has a longer shelf life than whole-grain flour, it's still best to use it within a reasonable timeframe to ensure its best quality.


You can sift rice flour before using it to remove any lumps and ensure a smooth texture in your recipes if it has been sitting for a while or looks clumpy.

Room Temperature Before Use:

Before using rice flour in recipes, let it come to room temperature. This ensures more precise measurements and better integration into your recipes.

Gluten-Free Substitution:

Be careful that rice flour might react differently in recipes than wheat flour if you're using it as a gluten-free replacement. Try small-batch experiments to learn about its special qualities.

Why Earthy Tales

Founded in 2017
Founded in 2017
Loved by 12K Families
Loved by 12K Families
Purpose-driven Founders
Purpose-driven Founders
500+ Farmers Mentored
500+ Farmers Mentored
Fully Organic, Tested
Fully Organic, Tested
Govt. Of India Incubated
Govt. Of India Incubated
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The Choice Of 12K Families

Kudos to Earthy Tales for their organic rice flour! It gives my baked dishes an amazing lightness and is quite versatile. The best thing I've ever tried!

Aisha Khan, Connaught Place

I am really grateful to Earthy Tales for providing this excellent organic rice flour. My pantry isn't complete without this.

Karthik Srinivasan, Okhla

Using organic rice flour has completely changed the way I make Thai food. It gives a lovely texture and an authentic taste. Strongly recommend it to anyone experimenting with international recipes!

Tanvi Desai, Malviya Nagar

This organic rice flour is a godsend for someone like myself who has gluten sensitivity. It works flawlessly in every one of my recipes, and the results are always amazing.

Deepika Iyer, Rohini

The quality of this organic rice flour is amazing. It's an essential ingredient in my gluten-free pizza dough. Excellent consistency and flavor!

Abhishek Verma, Lajpat Nagar

Must try organic rice flour! Outstanding flavor and texture. It raised the bar for my homemade tortillas.

Neha Kapoor, Defence Colony

I always have this rice flour in my kitchen. It works wonderfully in my gluten-free pancakes, and I appreciate the organic commitment.

Rajesh Sharma, Greater Kailash

I am impressed by this organic rice flour's purity. It's clean and perfect for my traditional Indian meals, with no strange aftertaste.

Meera Joshi, Chanakyapuri

Earthy Tales organic rice flour is amazing! It's so finely ground that it makes my gluten-free baking effortless. Love the flavor and quality!

Swati Malhotra, Vasant Vihar

Finally found a trustworthy organic rice flour! It gives my recipes just the right amount of lightness. My family is in love with the delicious results.

Priya Patel, Saket

अच्छा अन्न, अच्छा तन, अच्छा मन ™

Freshly Milled Organic Naturally Gluten-Free Versatile & Flavorful
Freshly Milled Organic Naturally Gluten-Free Versatile & Flavorful
Naturally Gluten-Free
Naturally Gluten-Free
Versatile & Flavorful
Versatile & Flavorful

Why Switch To Organic Rice Flour

Low Allergenicity

Low Allergenicity

Rice flour is a safe choice for people with food allergies or sensitivities because it is less allergic than some other grains.
Weight Management

Weight Management

Rice flour's high fiber content promotes feelings of fullness, which may help with weight control by lowering caloric intake overall.
Energy Source

Energy Source

Rice flour is high in carbohydrates and provides an easy and quick way to gain energy, which is good for physically active people.
Digestive Health

Digestive Health

The dietary fiber in rice flour helps digestive health by encouraging regular bowel movements and preventing constipation.
Rich in Nutrients

Rich in Nutrients

Rice flour is rich in nutrients that offer essential B vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary fiber for healthy digestion and quick energy. It's a versatile substitute for gluten-free cooking.
Gluten-Free Option

Gluten-Free Option

Since rice flour is naturally gluten-free, people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can use it as an alternative. It offers a substitute for those looking for gluten-free foods.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any specific questions or would like more information you can get in touch with us via the official Earthy Tales website's contact page.

Of course! You can use Earthy Tales organic rice flour to give a unique taste to your savory and sweet recipes.

Earthy Tales is committed to sustainability. Our environmental values are reflected in the eco-friendly materials we use in the packaging design.

Yes, in many recipes you can use organic rice flour as a substitute for wheat flour. However, since rice flour acts differently in some applications, changes can be necessary.

Organic rice flour's shelf life is listed on the package but can also depend on storage conditions. It should be kept in a cool, dry place.

Yes, you can use the organic rice flour from Earthy Tales in various traditional recipes, also in different cuisines.

Absolutely! The organic rice flour from Earthy Tales has a light and airy texture, making it a great option for gluten-free baking

Earthy Tales carefully mills its organic rice flour to provide a smooth texture that works well in various recipes.

Earthy Tales organic rice comes from trustworthy, certified organic farms that have an ethical and sustainable track record.

Yes, Earthy Tales' organic rice flour is gluten-free and suitable for people with gluten sensitivity.

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