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Abhyanga - Whole...

Abhyanga - Whole Body Massage Oil

Abhyanga - Whole Body Massage Oil

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Product Description

Size - 200 ml

Ingredients - Sesame oil, vitex negundo, ricinus communis, alpina galanga, gossypium, herbaceum, sida cordifolia, abutilon indicum and tinospora cordifolia

This Abhyanga Whole Body Massage Oil is an amazing massage oil which softens the skin, relaxes the muscles and relieves pain. Can be used by the elderly and children above one year. Provides lubrication to the joints and tissues. It is rich in anti-oxidants, is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory too. It is easily absorbed by the skin. Good for detoxifying the body, helps in healing scalds, burns and soreness of skin.

Usage - Apply and gently massage on the body. Shower after 10-15 minutes. Use at least thrice a week.

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