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Herbal Hair Care Powder - Traditional Oil Bath

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Product Description

Size - 100 grams

Ingredients - Moong, sikakai, soap nut, methi, hibiscus, turinji, avaram, channa, dal, brahmi, curry leaf, rice, vetiver, bringaraj and neem

This Traditional Oil Bath powder is a 100% natural cleanser and conditioner. As the name suggests, it is used on days when your hair is given the traditional oil treatment. It cleanses, conditions, makes hair soft, keeps insects and lice away, prevents dandruff, avoids hair fall and strengthens roots.

Usage - Put 3 heaped tablespoons or desired quantity in a bowl. Add enough water (or rice kanji / tea-decoction / curd) to make a loose paste. Wet hair and apply paste thoroughly on hair and scalp. Leave for few minutes before washing off. Repeat as needed if there is excess oil.

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