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Bansi Wheat flour (Freshly Milled)

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BANSI WHEAT FLOUR is the highest quality of Wheat Flour, which is made by naturally grown desi (native) BANSI WHEAT variety, grown in Rajasthan without the use of any fertilizers or chemicals

Now get Pesticides Free, Healthy and Natural Bansi Wheat flour (Freshly Milled) Direct to your Doorstep in Delhi and Gurugram. All produce at Earthy Tales are Organic and go through a selection process via the vendor certification and also our own Residue Tests which we conduct every Quarter.

At EarthyTales we are serving 400+ types of organic produce which includes Vegetables, Fruits, Rice, Pulses, Flours, Spices, Coldpressed Oils, Breakfast Cereals, Dry Herbs Seeds, Honey & Jams, Millets, Dry Fruits, Health Snacks, Coffee & Tea, Baby Foods, Pickle, Bakery, Exotic Veggies, Summer Coolers, Cooking Paste, Pasta Noodles, Cut Vegetables , Festival Special, Jaggery , Sugar, Kombucha, Desi Ghee, Sauces Dips, MicroGreens.

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