Earthy Tales is a big family and our Members (read customers) are equal stakeholders in this journey of pure food. They are our only Brand Ambassadors, spreading the word amongst their friends, family & communities about our work and efforts. They teach us, love us, guide us and also encourage us and support us. Even when we delivered them Tomatoes while they had ordered Potatoes :)


Mona Kochar

I discovered Earthy Tales through Facebook and I am so happy that I took a decision to try the products. Initially I remember we used to get a long list of products on Facebook and now it's through their website which is extremely user friendly. The real taste of everything, pulses, veggies, jaggery, everything. I remember cooking Earthly Tales moong dal for the first time and my family could taste the real taste of the dal. I love their team, always smiling, ready to help, efficient and so proactive. I know eating right kind and clean food products is definitely helping my family,the taste is amazing. You are doing an amazing job, if possible restart the milk supply.



I was introduced to ET by my colleague a long time back and since then I have been using their fruits/vegetables and dry groceries. I have tried their Dal, spices, rice, and fruits/vegetables. And I must say that I was transported to my childhood days of chemical-free foods full in nutrition and full in tastes, I thank ET from the core of my heart for providing us healthy, tasty, and nutritious food. My best wishes to the ET team, Kudos to you all!!


Shweta Sood Diwan

Amazing stuff and amazing people, with a great passion for what they do! A huge thanks to the team of Earthy Tales for getting us unadulterated food items in the comfort of our homes.


Lovina Gujral

My family and I are completely in love with the Kathiya atta that the ET team supplies. But off late deliveries have been less frequent because i believe people find the rotis dry and rough. But isn't that the concept of eating good carbs - more roughage and less of the white stuff? This is the real whole wheat deal, folks!


Sangeetha Krishna

Thanks Earthy Tales for delivering mixed millet flour. It has reminded me of my and my daughter's childhood. It is and used to be our staple food in our growing years. Kathia wheat flour that I used from Earthy Tales was so tasty that my family wanted to have roti made on chulha with it. I obliged them. We were taken back many years when my grand mother used to cook on a earthen stove. A big thanks to the team!


Sapna Kapoor

I have Recently started taking veggies and fruits from earthy tales , but I must say apples they are providing are super delicious. Me and my daughter are not fond of apples but today in fact she said wow ! The Apple is so delicious. Thanks Earthy tales .


Maneka Seetharaman

Entire team works tirelessly to provide us healthy food! Continue to stay true to your farmers & Mother Earth - everything else will fall into place.


Himanshi Malhotra

Its been a couple of deliveries from The ET Team, and am loving it to the core !! The veggies remind me of my childhood days...the taste tht got lost over the yrs and we had forgotten it completely. Thanks to your team for bringing back the taste to our meals.

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