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A Reflection of Our Commitment to Excellence

Earthy Tales is a big family and our Members (read customers) are equal stakeholders in this journey of pure food. They are our only Brand Ambassadors, spreading the word amongst their friends, family & communities about our work and efforts. They teach us, love us, guide us and also encourage us - they supported us when we wanted to launch our Eco friendly packaging, when we ran our 1st 2 years of deliveries without a website, when we delivered them Tomatoes while they had ordered Potatoes :). Because now, they very well understand Earthy Tale's unflinching commitment towards chemical free farmers & food, because they understand that we will miss giving them some items but will never intentionally source or deliver chemical laden produce. And because now, they understand that Food is grown and not manufactured. Their trust and support to ET makes us belief that we are on the right path.


Himanshi Malhotra

Its been a couple of deliveries from The ET Team, and am loving it to the core !! The veggies remind me of my childhood days...the taste tht got lost over the yrs and we had forgotten it completely. Thanks to your team for bringing back the taste to our meals.

Maneka Seetharaman

Entire team works tirelessly to provide us healthy food! Continue to stay true to your farmers & Mother Earth - everything else will fall into place.

Mona Kochar

I discovered Earthy Tales through Facebook and I am so happy that I took a decision to try the products. Initially I remember we used to get a long list of products on Facebook and now it's through their website which is extremely user friendly. The real taste of everything, pulses, veggies, jaggery, everything. I remember cooking Earthly Tales moong dal for the first time and my family could taste the real taste of the dal. I love their team, always smiling, ready to help, efficient and so proactive. I know eating right kind and clean food products is definitely helping my family,the taste is amazing. You are doing an amazing job, if possible restart the milk supply.

Anshu Agarwal

I grew up in Sikkim, eating fresh produce that villagers would sell in the local Haat every Sunday. And that's the taste I know and am familiar with. When I shifted to Gurgaon, I realized what was a way of life there was a novelty here. However, work kept me busy and I got used to eating what was available. However, when my son was ready to eat solids, I was sure I didn't want to give him chemical laden bland food. That's how my search for chemical free food began. Ordered from many online portals, visited farmer's markets. Never found any satisfactory enough to stick to. That's when I chanced upon Earthy Tales and I am a happy member! The team is dedicated, hard working and committed to providing fresh and safe fruits and vegetables to customers. I have never had any issues with the quality of produce and can feed my child without any guilt. Also, a very important factor - the price. Usually, chemical free means a right to rip off people with exorbitant prices. Earthy Takes is easy on the pocket too.

Uma Tiwari

Seems like your ideology is little more than just making money.... that makes ET special for me :)

Upasna Sekhon Rai

Earthy Tales has been a fabulous discovery. Their practices, transparency and infectious passion for their work always inspires trust and tremendous hope that people like them are making so much of an effort to go back to a cleaner and better world

Shruti Jain

Sweetest carrots I have had in ages. I am in love with the veggies. What makes Earthy Tales special is their commitment to work with farmers on ground and mentor them to stay away from pesticides use

Megha Bhardwaj Sablok

I am terribly choosy when it comes to food & milk for my kids. We were lucky as kids to have got good nutritious food but in today's time good food is on a verge of extinction but thanks to Earthy Tales my hopes got up. I transitioned my 1 yr old on this milk & touch wood he took to it like a little cat & no problems ! I have made curd , paneer, ghee out of it...& it's all good. Thanks Earthy Tales for bringing goodness at our doorsteps.

Kanchan Kaur

You guys do a great job … Thankyou for coming and enlightening us all on the importance of knowing the source and standard of the food that we eat . Keep doing the great work you are doing ... we need a revolution of sorts led by people like you to get our country back to its time tested , safer and traditional ways of farming.

Malvinder Rikhy

Nothing like a good runny jam. Shows that the jam is well made and the sugar has not been overcooked or a thickening agent added. A good job, yet again by team Earthy Tales (y)

Manisha Singh

I could taste the purity in the milk. It reminded me of cow’s Milk we used to have in my childhood days.. perfect, light and tasty. Even the curd turned out to be thick, creamy and delicious! Kudos to the hardworking team for bringing deliciously pure food to our table.

Deepti Mittal

Got my first batch of chemical free gur from earthy tales today and baked a lovely jaggery cake. Everyone in my family loved it and it's so healthy. Thanks to the #earthytales team for such pure and fresh ingredients. I used ET wheat flour (bansi desi), chemical free gur and some oil that's it!! No eggs, no sugar, no maida

Jasneet Kaur

Way to go Earthy Tales!! Happy to be associated with a company that cares deeply about the people who grow our food

Avinash Prabhakar

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate all the Team members of ET for completion of two years. I would like to share my experience. My daughter was never fond of eating apple until she got one from earthy tales. Now she frequently asks if there are any. Your apple taste is totally different in comparison to the normal one that we get at other places. Even vegetables taste reminds of my childhood days. Probably, we have even forgotten over a period of time after eating chemically treated ones. Keep delivering the taste and healthiness, Cheers!

Shweta Sood Diwan

Amazing stuff and amazing people, with a great passion for what they do! A huge thanks to the team of Earthy Tales for getting us unadulterated food items in the comfort of our homes.

Meetu Gupta

Have been ordering Bansi Wheat atta for a while now. And we simply love it. Rotis turn out soft and surprisingly, we get really good pancakes and muffins with this aata. And since all this comes with the goodness of bran, a 10/10 for this atta. :-). What makes Earthy Tales special to me is the fact that they their produce tested for pesticides in an approved lab every quarter.

Niharika Singh

Your chemical free Desi atta Panjiri is to die for....I ordered it by mistake n glad I did. That almost caramel taste with such a liberal mix of dry fruits makes it a heady Combi....way to go. Can't wait to finish and order another one. Deepak Sabharwal: ur handling of customers makes u a thorough gentleman!!

Jyoti Kaul

Kathia wheat flour that I used from Earthy Tales was so tasty that my family wanted to have roti made on chulha with it. I obliged them. We were taken back many years when my grand mother used to cook on a earthen stove. A big thanks to the team!

Varsha Gogate

Made Bajra roti and sarso ka saag by ingredients from Earthy Tales. Such a wonderful taste.... You guys made my day. Thanks a lot!!!

Ramita Jindal

The best strawberries I ever tasted. Not too sour and so very fresh. Thanks Earthy Tales for sourcing the fruits in natural shape. Loved the packaging too gently kept on leaves in cardboard box not in plastic boxes available in the market.

Ramita Jindal

My relationship with earthy tales started 3-4 months back. When I got my first lot of veggies and aata I could relate it to my childhood. Cauliflower with full leaves, capsicum so short with no smell. It's been years that I stopped biting apples directly due to wax but earthy tales has returned me the joy of eating apples. If I talk about custard apples, once I bought them from market all the grooves were covered with some powder because of which it tasted sweet within a roos the border it was bitter. But thanks to earthy tales for providing the real taste of custard apples. These are just few examples, difference is there in each and every thing. After long time tasting the real Desi variety of Sabut moong. Have tried many chemical free brands but none has comparison to earthy tales. Just loved it. A big thank you again team Earthy Tales for returning us the purity of nature. It's the best gift to my family and I just wish lot of success to Earthy Tales.

Parul Siddiqui

By 9.30pm I had not received my order and I was ok keeping in mind the bad weather outside as it was constantly raining since the last 4 hours. At 10 pm my door bell rings n there's Earthy Tales team with my order. Amazed and glad to see the dedication…Super professionalism!! Hats off to the team! Keep it up!

Purva Tamhankar

Ammaazzziing mangoes! First time In delhi I felt that I am actually eating Haapus.. can you get the Ratnagiri haapus for us?

Krithiga Ramaswamy

Thanks for the milk sample.. awesomeness redefined.. smell when boiling took me back to my childhood days.. my kids loved it and the curd was super tasty.. we are all curd freaks and the curd made from this milk got over in no time.. great going ET team...

Shweta Sood Diwan

Amazing stuff and amazing people, with a great passion for what they do! A huge thanks to the team of Earthy Tales for getting us unadulterated food items in the comfort of our homes.

Sapna Kapoor

I have Recently started taking veggies and fruits from earthy tales , but I must say apples they are providing are super delicious. Me and my daughter are not fond of apples but today in fact she said wow ! The Apple is so delicious. Thanks Earthy tales .

Lovina Gujral

My family and I are completely in love with the Kathiya atta that the ET team supplies. But off late deliveries have been less frequent because i believe people find the rotis dry and rough. But isn't that the concept of eating good carbs - more roughage and less of the white stuff? This is the real whole wheat deal, folks!

Sangeetha Krishna

Thanks Earthy Tales for delivering mixed millet flour. It has reminded me of my and my daughter's childhood. It is and used to be our staple food in our growing years. Kathia wheat flour that I used from Earthy Tales was so tasty that my family wanted to have roti made on chulha with it. I obliged them. We were taken back many years when my grand mother used to cook on a earthen stove. A big thanks to the team!


I was introduced to ET by my colleague a long time back and since then I have been using their fruits/vegetables and dry groceries. I have tried their Dal, spices, rice, and fruits/vegetables. And I must say that I was transported to my childhood days of chemical-free foods full in nutrition and full in tastes, I thank ET from the core of my heart for providing us healthy, tasty, and nutritious food. My best wishes to the ET team, Kudos to you all!!

Mukti Mehta

Hello Team Earthy Tales. I started ordering from you all very recently, thanks to a dear friend who referred me to this group. Have been wanting to send you guys a note... The items that came in the last delivery... each and everything was wow! My whole family just loved the taste of nature and it made me realise what we are missing out on! I am hooked Thank you Team Earthy Tales!

Navjeet Kaur

Earthy Tales: Delicious Organic & Easy Ordering
Earthy Tales delights with exceptional organic produce! Their vegetables and fruits are bursting with flavor and freshness. Same-day delivery makes shopping a breeze. But the true gem is their subscription plan. It unlocks discounted prices on everything, making healthy eating affordable.
Overall, Earthy Tales is a win for taste, convenience, and value.

Dr. Anita Yadav

Earthy Tales Subscription: Savings & More!
Earthy Tales' subscription plan is a brilliant idea! You save money with discounts on all items, plus get free samples – a win-win for budget-conscious healthy eaters. But the benefits go beyond savings. Regular subscribers actually save more than the subscription cost!
It feels like joining a health-conscious family that cares about both your well-being and the planet.

Deepti Mittal

Earthy Tales' 6-month subscription plan has been a game-changer!
The discounts on premium Wood-pressed oils and A2 Gir Cow Ghee, along with 5% off fruits and veggies, make healthy eating a breeze for my wallet. But the real win is their unwavering commitment to quality. Earthy Tales only delivers products that meet their high standards, ensuring I get the freshest, most wholesome ingredients every time.
This subscription truly combines health benefits with savings – a win-win for anyone seeking top-notch organic food at a discount.

Poonam Abrol

Earthy Tales Subscription: Won Me Over!
Initially, I was unsure about Earthy Tales' subscription plan. But I'm glad I gave it a try! Now, I love the convenience of ordering anything I need without delivery fees. Plus, the discounts on all items, especially tempting for us Indians who love a good deal, make healthy eating affordable.
And the free samples are a delightful bonus! Earthy Tales, keep up the fantastic work!
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