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Ash Gourd (Winter...

Ash Gourd (Winter Melon) - Cut piece

Ash Gourd (Winter Melon) - Cut piece

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Product Description

Ash Gourd is a low-calorie vegetable and also known as winter melon, white pumpkin. It tastes like a mild cucumber. We provide organically grown Ash Gourd to our customers. You can buy ash gourd online according to your choice (Cut piece or Un-Cut)
It is rich in Dietary Fiber and Vitamin C as a result it helps to relieve constipation and helps to have better Skin. Winter melon/ Ash gourd is rich in Saponin which has the power to block fat as well as slow down spikes in sugar level.

Benefits of Ash Gourd

  • Improves digestion as it is high in water content and fibre
  • Works as a laxative and hence relieves from constipation
  • Combats skin infection as it is antioxidant riched
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helpful in stomach ulcers


Nutritional Value

  • Vitamin A                         9.8 %
  • Vitamin B6                       11.3 %
  • Vitamin C                          30.5 %
  • Vitamin E                          1.1 %
  • Calcium                            5.1 %
  • Magnesium                      6.7 %
  • Phosphorus                      5.0 %
  • Zinc                                    7.2 %


Why Buy From Earthy Tales

  • All Products are Organic and go through a selection process via the vendor certification and also our own Residue Tests which we conduct every Quarter.
  • No Chemical, no pesticides
  • Highly antioxidant riched as compared to non-organic
  • Quick delivery across Delhi/NCR
For ordering a complete (un-cut) piece, please leave a comment on the CHECK OUT page for the packing team.

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