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Fresh Ajwain Leaves

Fresh Ajwain Leaves

Fresh Ajwain Leaves
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Product Description

The plant that the leaves are a part of is also known as the 'Indian Borage', which is also called the ajwain plant.

Some of the benefits of ajwain leaves are mentioned below:

1. Helps in curing stomach pain

2. Helps in curing common cold

3. Improves digestion

4. Acts as a natural mouth freshener

Also, if you have gastric issues and deal a lot with abdominal pain or cramps, you must consume this concoction every day. According to one study, when you drink ajwain water on an empty stomach, it activates the enzymes in your gut which help in better digestion.

How to use?

Ajwain leaves can be sautéed and then added to some creamy yogurt to make a delicious and flavourful dip. Alternatively, make some fresh ajwain leaves chutney by throwing it in the grinder with some water and spices of your choice. Ajwain leaves can also be deep fried and eaten along with a cup of hot masala tea as an evening snack. Ajwain leaves can also be boiled into water along with some honey, black pepper and turmeric.

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