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Buy Organic Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals are highly popular in India. We consume a wide range of breakfast cereals because they are tasty and rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and other essential minerals. We sell a wide range of organic, pure, healthy and natural breakfast cereals. 


Benefits of Breakfast Cereals–

  • Known for flavor, texture, and nutritional value
  • Do not contain any additives or preservatives
  • Pure and natural

We sell –

  • Poha: Our natural, fresh and organic poha is rich in minerals, vitamin A, C and D. it has fats and proteins as well.
  • Barley Daliya: Our fresh and pure barley daliya contains iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, and folate.
  • Amaranth Roasted: Our roasted Amaranth is very delicious and rich in fats, carbs, proteins and iron.
  • Suji (Semolina): Our fresh and natural suji contains dietary fiber, protein, potassium and heart-healthy nutrients.

Why choose us – 

We provide fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, pulses, flours, oils, spices to our member families.We take pride in delivering quality products to your doorstep. We serve via our Online Delivery platform across Delhi-NCR. With EarthyTales you can buy more than 200 Organic Products Online now available across Delhi-Gurgaon. Buy Today and Make your Health a Priority. Order now

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