Pasta Noodles

Fusilli Whole Wheat Pasta (Tomato)

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Rice Vermicelli

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Wheat Vermicelli

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Whole Wheat Pasta (Spinach) - Fusilli

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Pure & Organic Pasta

If you are looking for organic, pure, fresh and chemical-free pasta, then you are in the right place at the right time. We offer 100 % organic and pure pasta at our online store. Our pasta is natural, and can boost your immune system, too. Our pasta is delicious, and produce good aroma.


Benefits Of Organic Pasta –

  • Great flavor, texture and taste
  • High in protein and minerals
  • Highly nutritious

Sourced from certified organic farms, our pasta is unbeatable. People choose our pasta because it is without any adulteration and have no artificial colors. We sell a wide range of pasta.


We Sell – 

  • Brown Rice Pasta: Our brown rice pasta is very tasty and loaded with carbs. It is ideal for your health and well-being.
  • Foxtail Millet Pasta: Our foxtail millet pasta is rich in nutrition and dietary fiber. It also contains protein, micronutrients and phytochemicals.
  • Kodo Millets Pasta: Our kodo millet pasta is perfectly organic, natural and nutritious.
  • White Rice Pasta: Our white rice pasta is very delicious and rich in energy, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, thiamin and vitamin A.

Why Choose Us – 

  • We have years of experience and expertise in the industry.
  • We are creating a seamless experience for our customers.
  • We are proud to say that the work we do and support makes a real difference.
  • We take pride in delivering quality products to your doorstep.
  • We provide 24/7 delivery in Delhi & Gurgaon.
  • We are the most trusted online store for natural and organic food.
  • We provide fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, pulses, flours, oils, spices to our member families.

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