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Size - 200 grams

Ingredients - Soybeans and water

This class tofu tastes and works like paneer. Only healthier.

Each block is handcrafted at every stage. To give the tofu a btter taste and texture, labour intensive ancient oriental methods are used. It holds up well with stir fry dishes, soups, sauces or on the grill.

Steam, fry, bake, barbeque, marinate or make a dessert out of it. It's versatile as it can be. Truly delicious in any form.

Instructions - Drain out excess water, which will help firm it. Slice the tofu with a sharp knife to avoid it from crumbling. Keep refrigerated, do not freeze. Once opened, keep submerged in water (in refrigerator) and change water daily. Use within 3 days after opening the packet.

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