Black Mustard Oil

Black Mustard Oil

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Product Description

The use of mustard oil in the Indian subcontinent is in use for centuries since native people in these geographies love cooking meals in it. The pure organic oil has its typical pungent aroma, yellowish colour, and intense flavour. Indians love eating deep-fried, stir-fried and sauté meals and to use this, they have been using mustard oils for centuries, guess our elders were perhaps got to know about the high smoking point of mustard oil. This means unlike olive oil and other vegetable oils; its fat content stays intact even at a high temperature say 250* C, and this makes it an ideal choice for cooking, frying, or to make your sauté meals most healthily.


How is Organic Mustard oil good for your health?

  • As explained above, mustard oil's fats do not break up while heating, so it retains its natural fat content while heating.


  • The organic cold-pressed mustard oil is a rich source of MUFA(monounsaturated) and PUFA(Polyunsaturated) fatty acids with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This makes mustard oil a healthy choice for your heart's health.


  • The mustard oil has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and precisely is the reason we add it in our pickles or use it as a hair oil to keep dandruff in check.


  • The Ayurvedic literature advocates its use in Ayurvedic Abhyangam (body massage) due to anti-ageing properties and keeps the body warm in the winters due to its Ushan(warm) potency.


  • Cooking in mustard oil improves digestion due to its hot potency and pungent taste. It is also beneficial in weight loss due to its scraping effect as per ancient Samhitas.


Nutrition Value

The USFDA (United States Food & Drugs Administration) certifies the content of mustard oil as below-

100gms of mustard oil contains-

884 Calories

11% Fat

59% MUFA (Monosaturated fats)

21% PUFA (Polyunsaturated fats)


Why choose Earthy Tales Organic Mustard Oil?

  • Simply, because we do not 'REFINE' the mustard oil in its making, the organic mustard oil from Earthy Tales is made from the mechanical means of cold pressing at room temperature and not by the chemical means of heating refined processes.


  • The cold pressing keeps the real essence and ingredients of the oil, including chemical properties and natural taste that hot pressed oil lacks.


  • The cold-pressed oil retains Vitamin E, carotenoids, sterols, unlike the hot-pressed ones.


  • The heating process does yield more of mustard oil, but the process oxidizes the fat, which causes inflammation in the body and can lead to conditions like cancer. Hence, it is highly advisable to cook meals in mustard oils, which is cold-pressed in its manufacturing.

We can avoid many health ailments by avoiding the meals that are harmful to our gut and choosing the ingredients of making those meals. 

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